Meet the artist

Eric-Jan Kremer (born in 1962, Amsterdam) is well known as one of the best Formula 1 artists, but he paints all kinds of sports, including football, MotoGP, and others. His work is characterized by an unparalleled sense of dynamism and expression. They beautifully convey the speed, power, and energy of the sports he paints, bringing it to life with bold brushstrokes and vibrant colors. 

Eric Jan's talent captured the attention of Formula 1 enthusiasts and art collectors worldwide. His journey into the world of Formula 1 commenced when he was appointed as the official house painter for the prestigious BMW Williams Formula 1 team. His canvas showcases legends such as Hamilton, Alonso, Senna, Schumacher, and many others. Since 2021, Eric Jan Kremer is the official house painter for world champion Max Verstappen.

  • Silverstone

    His work is being displayed in prestigious venues. For example, visitors to the VIP lounges at Silverstone, one of the most iconic racetracks in Formula 1, can admire several of his paintings.

  • Collectors

    His talent has attracted the attention of legendary drivers such as Michael Schumacher, Arie Luyendijk, and Mika Häkkinen, who have proudly displayed his paintings in their homes.

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